On this page you can access FREE RESOURCES.  Just click on the link for the item you are interested in downloading.  Additional resources will be added on a regular basis, but on no particular schedule.  So, revisit this page often.  Be sure to scroll all the way down the page so that you don’t miss anything.

ESSAY PACKETS The following essay packets are user friendly for teachers, parents, and students.  Each packet contains most of the materials a teacher and student would need for working through the assignment.

Persuasive Essay Packet  The PERSUASIVE Essay packet guides both students and the teacher through a persuasive essay assignment.  It is perfect for frequently absent students, home schooling, and guiding the teacher through the instructional activities.  Includes a scoring guide/rubric.

The Quality Essay  The QUALITY Essay is an expressive essay.  This packet includes student directions, student self-check, student essay model, peer response sheet, and the scoring guide/rubric.

Comparison-Contrast Essay Packet  The COMPARISON/CONTRAST Essay can be organized using the block method, point by point method, or a combination of both.  This packet provides models to help students see the possibilities.

Literary Comparison/Contrast Essay  This form of the C/C Essay focuses on student work around a literary text.

TEACHING TIPS from PDK The following teaching tips are grouped by category.  Tips will be added regularly.  Permission has been granted by Phi Delta Kappa to download and reproduce all of them.  These tips have been created in an easy to read one-page format.  Great ideas for both new and veteran teachers.  Categories include:


Formative Feedback

Creating Assess for All Learners

Classroom Management:

Better Class Mgt

Focus Students



Working with ELL

Working with Parents


Involve Parents

Innovative Teaching

Effective Teachers


Self Directed Learners

Professional Development

Secret to RTI

Create Your Own Professional Development

LITERACY STRATEGIES  These strategies are great to use when introducing, culminating, transitioning from, or processing learning.  Credit has been given to the originator/author when possible.

Word Sort

Vocabulary Rubric

Vocabulary Map

Anticipation Guide

The Golden Line

4 Minute Comprehension

Semantic Feature Analysis

Sketching Through the Text

Tear and Share

Coding Strategy

DataWorks, in collaboration with Marzano and other researchers, has compiled a list of common and high frequency words that students will be exposed to in text or on standardized.  This K-6 vocabulary (by grade level) is available here: DataWorks K-6 Vocabulary.

COMMON CORE STATE STANDARDS  These resources are appropriate to all CCSS states and in particular Arizona.  A brief description is found below each downloadable document listed below.

Updated Standards Implementation  ADE has moved back the calendar for some grades for the 2012-2013 school year.

Ways to Get Ready for the Common Core  Doug Reeves offers 8 ways schools can move toward readiness in the CCSS implementation.

Instructional Shifts  This important document from EngageNY effectively explains the instructional shifts required by the Common Core State Standards in both math and English/Language Arts.  This is a must read!

5 Things Every Teacher Should Be Doing to Meet the Common Core State Standards This is a great “common-sense” resource from Eye on Education.  It could be used for generating faculty discussion and prioritizing first steps toward implementation.

FREE SAMPLE TEST QUESTIONS The New York State Education Department (NYSED) has published sample questions for their teachers that can be used as teaching tools. First, read How to Use the Sample Assessment Questions for Instruction.  Next, download the samples below for 3-8 Grade Math and ELA.

Grade 3 Math                                     Grade 3 ELA

Grade 4 Math                                     Grade 4 ELA

Grade 5 Math                                     Grade 5 ELA

Grade 6 Math                                     Grade 6 ELA

Grade 7 Math                                     Grade 7 ELA

Grade 8 Math                                     Grade 8 ELA

Two Great Websites Both Ohio and Kansas can provide helpful resources for your work with the CCSS.  Access their links below:

Ohio Department of Education

Kansas Department of Education