“Susan is a thoughtful and intentional thinker with whom it is a pleasure to collaborate.  She is very knowledgeable and has a variety of experiences in curriculum design.”  Andrew Collins, Director of School Development, Arizona Charter School Association

“Susan Cameron is one of the best in the field of education. When I started as an Instructional Specialist with Mesa Public Schools, Susan was my mentor. She taught me how to work with teachers, how to understand curriculum, instruction and assessments and how to change the lives of teachers that you work with on a one-to-one basis. I have learned so much from one of the master’s of public education. Now, as a colleague of Susan’s, I can see the difference that she makes in the lives of every teacher that she works with…she is a fabulous teacher and facilitator. Kudos for Susan!”  Kim Gunn, Consultant, Kim Gunn Consultants

“As a school consultant, I worked with Susan on a curriculum audit for the school district where she was a central office administrator. She is very knowledgeable in all areas of curriculum development and was able to provide documents, personnel, insight, and information that had been organized and open for sharing with everyone concerned. She is highly regarded still by her former colleagues as well as those with whom she now works because of her expertise, forthrightness, and vision in developing teams of teachers and administrators. As a result of my respect for her knowledge and skills, we have formed a partnership to continue serving schools at all levels. I do not hesitate to recommend her.”  Lou Gammon, Owner, G2 Educational Services, Inc.

“Susan is a gifted educator. She was the director of curriculum and instruction while I was assessment director at SRPMIC and we worked together to create a district-wide assessment system for grades PK-12 during No Child Left Behind. This was a first step for the district in gathering and analyzing data to design instruction to improve student achievement. During these years the schools improved from failing to performing. I have observed Susan’s professional development talents working with teachers who consistently remark that her knowledge of curriculum is broad and her ability to coach teachers to produce quality curriculum design and assessment is amazing. As a consultant, Susan has been very successful with both small and large schools and districts. Her expertise in supporting the transition of curriculum to the new core standards has had wide appeal. I’m pleased to be associated with her as a colleague and friend.”  Ellen Dibble, Instructional Technology Facilitator, Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community

“Susan is a phenomenal educator with a wealth of knowledge. I have been fortunate to interact with her in a variety of settings and she is always encouraging and creates an environment where educators feel empowered to do their best.”  Eric Brooks, Education Program Specialist at Arizona Department of Education

“Susan is an amazing person and professional educator. Her knowledge, skill, enthusiasm and work ethic made an enormous difference in the area of Curriculum and Instruction. Susan Cameron was the Instructional Specialist at a major urban high school. She is highly trained and qualified to analyze, prioritize and formalize both curriculum and the instructional process. She creates powerful presentations and positive relationships with others. Susan is dedicated and a wonderful example for others. I can recommend her without reservation. If you need additional information please contact me at 949-515-3350.”  Maryjo Vecchiarelli, Assistant Principal, Newport Mesa Unified School District

“Susan is an excellent Field Consultant. You can trust her to provide accurate and effective accreditation information to your school or district. I support her work and can highly recommend her to you for consulting services.”  Donald Enz, Arizona State Director of Accreditation, AdvancED

“I have had the pleasure of working with Susan Cameron, as an adjunct professor. She was the Curriculum Director for the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community Schools. Her dedication and caring in this role is outstanding. She has contributed immeasurably to the teachers, administration, and parents. She maintains a level of efficiency that is fueled by her obvious work ethic and her professional concern for teachers. Her skills, talents, and knowledge in the education field, surpass all expectations. Susan Cameron, is bright, dedicated, and skilled with a strong work ethic and intellectual integrity. She has my unequivocal recommendation.  Evelyn Salvemini, Early Childhood Specialist Central Arizona Community College

“Susan is an expert at what she does! She is very knowledgeable about all aspects of education– from child development to teacher training. She has vast experience with curriculum development and instructional practices. She is an asset to any organization.”  Maxine Roanhorse-Dineyazhe, Principal, Many Farms Community School

“Susan’s demonstration of education, experience, expertise, enthusiasm, and excellence are evident in each endeavor. Collaboration, creativity, conscientiousness, confidentiality and courtesy compliment her character. The ability to differentiate professional development, facilitate strategic planning, synchronize systemic change, develop curriculum and provide comprehensive educational services are Susan Cameron’s forte.”  Rene Murphy, Early Learning Coordinator, Scottsdale Unified School District