Curriculum Mapping

School Curriculum Specialists works with teachers to guide them through the development of yearlong curriculum documents based on content standards, including the Arizona 2010 Math and ELA Standards (Common Core State Standards). The curriculum maps use the PARCC (Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers) frameworks to design benchmark outcomes, performance assessments, and lesson alignment.  Curriculum maps not only reflect the Standards, but also the learning needs of the students and the vision of the school for “what” students should learn and be able to do.
The process includes identifying the essential and the important concepts of the Standards, creating student learning goals for each grade level that focuses on what must be learned, designing assessments to reflect the learning goals, and then designing the curriculum backwards from the learning goals. Quarterly benchmark assessments track student progress toward achievement. The curriculum (materials and resources, instructional strategies, and lesson design) is developed to support the students’ acquisition of the learning goals.  Our experience in working with curriculum design includes charter and public elementary and high schools, preschools, and tribal community schools.