Curriculum Audit Services

Susan Cameron is a certified curriculum management auditor through Phi Delta Kappa International. Her experience with audits includes large districts, as well as small schools.  The audit can be oriented to meet the needs of any school district— from large to small—and it can focus on a specific evaluation of a district’s curriculum area, such as reading, language arts, math, or any content area that you designate.  The Curriculum Management Audit© is recognized internationally as a proven viable and valid tool for the improvement of curriculum design and delivery. Based on the research of Dr. Fenwick English, founder of the Curriculum Management Center, both curriculum policy and the system in which the curriculum functions are analyzed.  A curriculum audit examines the extent to which there is alignment between the delivery of instruction and standards, benchmarks, curriculum, instructional materials and student performance measures. An audit reveals the extent to which staff and officials have developed and implemented a sound, valid, and operational system of curriculum management. Such a system enables the district to make maximum use of its human and financialresources in the education of students.

In order to assess a school or district’s systems, the auditor uses documents, interviews, and site visits as major sources of data to determine the extent to which there is congruence among the written, taught, and tested curricula.  The cost of a curriculum audit generally ranges from $20,000 to $95,000, depending upon a number of variables, including the “depth” of the audit and the size of the school system. Schools and  districts can contact Susan Cameron or Phi Delta Kappa ( for more information.

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