Common Core State Standards

Susan Cameron has provided extensive training in the development of curriculum and performance outcomes that support the Common Core State Standards. She works in schools with their curriculum alignment of the written, taught, and assessed curriculum, as well as the depth of knowledge required of the common core standards.  Six major shifts (see below) in curriculum development must happen immediately in all K-12 schools for students to be prepared for the new 2014-2015 state assessments. Specifically, everyone must be concerned about how ready our students will be if the fourth grade through eleventh grade teachers and students have only been exposed to the new standards for 18 months prior to the new AIMS. The solution comes by way of immediate integration of the AZ 2010 Math, ELA and the College and Career Readiness standards.

Are standards intended to be a curriculum, the curriculum?

No. This is a perfect example of the importance of reading the fine print.  The CCSS are not the curriculum or even a curriculum. The language of the standards materials (Appendix A, B, C for ELA and Appendix A for math) makes it clear that “teachers will continue to devise lesson plans and tailor instruction to the individual needs of the students in their classrooms.” This means that mandating packaged curricula and scripted programs is not an appropriate response to standards.  To put standards in perspective with regard to teacher autonomy, it may be helpful to keep a few key phrases from the Common Core in mind:
“Standards are not a curriculum.”
“Standards do not tell teachers how to teach.”
“Standards are a first step.”
“Skills in these areas should not be handled in isolation.”
“Standards are not the only thing that is needed for our children’s success.”

Click on RESOURCES to access free downloads related to the Common Core State Standards.  In addition, below you will find:

Updated PARCC Content Frameworks PARCC ELA 2012) (PARCC Math 2012) The content frameworks illustrate one of a many ways the standards could be organized over the course of the school year and are designed with the following purposes in mind:  1) Support implementation of the Common Core State Standards, and 2) Inform the development of item specifications and blueprints for the PARCC assessments in grades 3-8 and high school.

The Standards It is not necessarily so easy to find the AZ 2010 ELA and Math standards on the ADE website.  However, I have provided the links below, as well as the actual Common Core State Standards documents.  The difference?  The coding is slightly different between the AZ 2010 standards and the CCSS.  In Arizona, we need to use the AZ coding.

AZ 2010 ELA Standards (Common Core ELA Standards)

AZ 2010 Math Standards (Common Core Math Standards)